About Us

Our Aims

Amber Aged Care strives to provide high quality aged care to the South Australian community. We work to provide all residents with a culturally diverse and meaningful environment and especially to those with an Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian heritage. Professional care and support services are provided within a framework of continuous improvement and we regularly consult and collaborate with our members to establish and maintain a future which meets the needs of our community, our philosophy and our resources.

Our commitment to quality and service excellence includes:

  • A focus on resident choice and informed decision making
  • Respecting and valuing stakeholder feedback
  • Monitoring, evaluating and implementing changes to improve our services
  • Promoting transparency, accountability and resourcefulness
  • Meeting all our legal obligations
  • Being helpful and polite, fair and honest and at all times professional

Our History

In the late 1980s, representatives from the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communities met with the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke to discuss care for their elderly. As a result of this meeting the Federal Government agreed to assist the Baltic communities establish a 30 bed low level aged care facility in Adelaide, South Australia.

The Baltic Communities Home (BCH) opened in March 1992. In 1998 the BCH became an incorporated body with its own board of management and constitution. At the Annual General Meeting of November 2012 a motion was put to members requesting our organisation name be changed owing to the decreasing demand for services in the Baltic communities and increase in demand from the general population. The motion was passed unopposed.

In April 2013, the Baltic Communities Home Incorporated became Amber Aged Care Incorporated. Though our name has changed our values remain the same.

Amber Aged Care is a non-profit, community based, residential level aged care facility. While language and culture may vary from state to state and country to country we are united in our desire to provide quality aged care to the community and committed to providing quality care and accommodation for all.

Amber Aged Care Inc is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation and one of its aims is to ensure that maximum resources are applied to resident care and amenities.