What are Star Ratings?

The Star Ratings system has been introduced for residential aged care homes across Australia.

Aged Care Star Ratings provide simple information about the quality of care an aged care home delivers and how they compare to others.

This can help people who need aged care services, their families and carers make more informed choices about their aged care.

How Star Ratings work

The system is based on an overall Star Rating from one to 5 that is measured against 4 sub-categories:

As the national aged care regulator, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is responsible for the Compliance Rating.

The Compliance Rating is based on a number of government regulations and standards. These regulations and standards protect and enhance the safety, health, and wellbeing of people receiving aged care.

The Department of Health and Aged Care is responsible for the Staffing, Residents’ Experience and Quality Measures Ratings.

What is compliance?

Checking compliance is the process of making sure providers meet their care requirements and taking action when they do not.

If a provider is not meeting regulations and standards, the Commission may take strong regulatory action including non-compliance decisions.

This means that the provider needs to make improvements to how they deliver care and aged care services.

The Star Ratings Compliance Rating

The Star Ratings Compliance Rating is based on an aged care home’s compliance performance and history. It is updated when non-compliance decisions are issued and resolved.

The table below shows Amber Aged Care’s current overall star rating.

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